I work with ambitious women who have their hands in many different projects and need to show up mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually fully engaged for themselves, their team and their personal lives. She embodies the lioness - the strong and sensual energy to live the life she truly desires and deserves.

This is a multi-touch point program rooted in dropping from your headspace into your body, connecting to your intuition and femininity, trust, development and execution. We blend the strong, assertive, go-getter, goal oriented business side of you with the collaborative, patient, playful and sensual side of you.

We are not men. We don’t need to show up like men to run a successful business. We get to operate in our essence while tapping into whichever energy we need at that moment.

We use a method that I’ve developed called femethod tapping into your feeling and expression to enhance your way of being and remove unnecessary roadblocks.

This is not for the faint of heart. This is for the women who are willing to step up to the plate and play full out with no excuses.

Are you ready to be the top 2%?

“You’ve taught me how to cultivate a wholeness and deep relationship within myself; That I’m the source of my entire experience and no matter what is going on externally, the internal is so solid and integrated. I feel unshakable.”
— Liz G

Is This You…

You are a successful woman. You have the business, you have the life - but what then is missing?

You feel like you’re in your masculine much of the day and want to find comfort in your feminine.

You feel disconnected from what you actually want surrounded by the overwhelming feeling of needing to be everywhere all at once. Your brain is clouded with to-do lists and you just can’t seem to stay on the healthy route for your body, mind and soul.

You’re sick and tired of doing everything that society says you “need to do” and just want to be free to live a life that you love and feel the freedom that brings. No longer answering to the judgements of those around you or your judgments about yourself based off of an old belief system that was instilled in you from the time you were a young girl.

That is outdated.

I’m here to tell you there is some much more for you to have and experience. Life isn’t here to just work to make money to survive and die. Single cell organisms does that - we’re not just that. We have the capability to create our own reality through our thoughts, expression and what truly makes us happy from the depth of our soul out.

Don’t live your life by letting a job or other people dictate how you should live.

People who pay you to do work for them don’t own you. Remember that. And people who are trying to tell you what to do in your personal life don’t pay your bills. So why are you letting their opinions shape your path?

It helped me connect with my body and open up to some of the things I don’t usually tune into. I was super hesitant because I’m not one for woman’s events or groups, but this was so worth it. I can actually feel my emotions again and not be so manly in my business.
— Katie M

I’m telling you right now, if you want to have the freedom in your life to express who you truly are, show yourself and everyone around you what you’re truly capable of and own your ROAR, own your right as a human to step up and out of the crowd. To stand tall in your beliefs, to help those who need help, to be a beacon of light for those who are lost.

To be the example for the little girls growing up who might not have someone to look up to.

Then, sister, I invite you to become a HUNTRESS.

You’re here to change lives and I’m here to help you do that with the utmost integrity, resilience, grit and grace.

Let’s jump on a call and see if this would be a good fit. The time is now, are you ready?

“She not only embodies my idea of a beautiful and fierce woman in many ways, she has developed a way to share this experience and guidance of integrating two opposite aspects of ourselves—our sensual, sexy femininity and our fierce, lioness masculinity.”
— Sadie A