FEMethod Private sessions

This workshop is designed to open up your creativity, drop from your headspace into your body space. Through a unique and holistic approach of dance, movement, intention and other breakthrough exercises - you’ll gain clarity and become more empowered in each of the 9 key areas of your life including: Career, Health, Relationships, Spirituality, Femininity, Adventure, Community, Family and Finances.

***Sessions are offered via Skype or Zoom for your convenience.



 Through dance and movement, you’ll awaken your primal energy so you can tap into your creativity, your femininity and your power. You'll get out of your head and into your body where you'll be able to feel the music and how it moves you to connect with your sensual and authentic self.  


Through various breakthrough exercises, you'll be able to see and transform what you need to push past, discover more about your mental chatter and learn more about yourself. By giving your body space to feel and be nourished by your breath you deepen your understanding of your body.



Through integrative processes, you will envision, anchor and commit to your big possibility and future self in a way that you can welcome in the ever changing world and flow with it, not against it. 

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$97 per session

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