HUNTRESS by femethod Presents

Women On The Rise Retreat

San Diego, CA

October 25-27th


A high percentage of women are misunderstood, overworking themselves, spreading themselves too thin, not expressing their true self and living beyond their capacity to pour from an empty cup. It’s time that you put yourself first, fill your cup back up and learn tools to make your life easier and tap into the woman you are meant to be.

Become expressed, embodied and wild, awakening your inner HUNTRESS. The women who doesn’t take no for an answer, the women who goes after what she wants and creates her own reality. The women to expresses her heart fully and knows the depths of her capability. Reawaken the women who craves to be seen, the one who is so connected to her inner wisdom that she is unwavering in what she knows she truly wants, desires and deserves.

Are you ready to spread your wings with us?! Reawaken your creativity, passions, expressions to uncover, heal and love all parts of you?

IF and only if you’re a HELL YES, then I would love to invite you to join us for an intimate 2-day retreat in San Diego. Tucked into a beautiful, stunning and secluded property in Rancho Santa Fe we will be diving into various modalities that will awaken your senses, deepen your trust within yourself, move, dance and have so much fun with other women who “get you”.

This is for the woman who knows there is more out there and is eager to go get it.

She’s ready to restore her relationship with her creative, sensual, spiritual and intellectual self.


She has inconsistencies in her life whether it involves work or personal inefficiencies and wants to realign herself.

She wants to go after what she wants.

She wants to feel her body.

She wants to be highly connected to her intuition.

She wants to feel emotionally whole.

She wants to break free from societal imprisonment of the “shoulds” and be free to express her sensuality and personality that is the life force of her creative self.


The place where she radiates from… the depth of her soul.

She knows it’s there, she can feel it. Let’s evoke it.

Your weekend will start in the early evening on:

Friday October 25th an evening meet and mingle.

October 26th we will have our first full day of activities, deep dives, play and delicious food.

October 27th we will round out the retreat, enjoy a closing ceremony and let you fly into the wind with your new perspective, fire in your heart and new friendships.

Tuition: $497 per person

Accommodations: So you can get the full experience of San Diego and get a little privacy, Airbnb is suggested.

***Uber or rental car is recommended.

Those who attend this retreat will be eligible to take the 10 week Mastery group course, “Our Bodies Natural Adaptogen”

20181207-Cassies retreat-235.jpg

The Mastery course, Our Bodies Natural Adaptogen, is based off of all the tools you learn at the retreat. Each week we’ll deep dive into one tool so you can begin to master, embody and implement. You’ll also be able to see what works for you and what doesn’t. The intention behind the Mastery group course is to give you more opportunity to see what truly aligns with you and be able to welcome that into your life and self-growth practice!

This is an intimate retreat and space is limited. Sign up to reserve your spot!