How Resilient Are You?

Be as honest as you can with each one of these questions. Your honesty is how you will get the results you want in life. I’m excited for you to take this path, to be there for yourself and to take a real and raw look at how you are operating!

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How Resilient Are You?
In a crisis or chaotic situation, I calm myself and focus on taking useful actions.
I adapt quickly to new developments. I’m good at bouncing back from difficulties.
I’m able to recover emotionally from losses and setbacks. I have friends I can talk with; I can express my feelings to others and ask for help. Feelings of anger, loss and discouragement don’t last long.
I’m curious. I ask questions. I want to know how things work. I like to try new ways of doing things.
I’m always myself, but I’ve noticed that I’m different in different situations.
I “read” people well and trust my intuition.
I’m non-judgmental about others and adapt to people’s different personality styles.
I’m very durable. I hold up well during tough times. I have an independent spirit underneath my cooperative way of working with others.
I feel self-confident, appreciate myself, and have a healthy concept of who I am.
When I go into a dark place I'm able to recover quickly.