Business Coach & Strategist, Jennifer Covington - Ep 3

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Jennifer Covington, coach and business strategist for heart-centered entrepreneurial women letting us in on how she discovered her masculine and feminine dynamic, what it looks like to be “neck up” and why that doesn’t work and how you can tap into your feminine as a businesswoman.

{03:13} Who is Jennifer Covington?

{05:06} Stripping away the “Man Mask”

{09:05} A place and time for business in Jennifer’s masculine

{10:28} Men and Women, masculine and feminine, they ARE complimentary

{12:06} Our responsibility is to be trailblazers for the next generation 

{15:10} Being a young, black woman in her twenties in Corporate America and living “neck up”

{17:37} How dance classes became her channel to tap into and anchor herself

{20:41} Feminist movement and the old model

{22:03} Jennifer’s own relationship polarity experience

{27:03} Feminine leadership as a businesswoman and what that looks like

(30:28} The Flag and the flagstaff according to relationships

{33:11} What it means to be an independent woman

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Shine On, Sista!

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