The Discovery of Feminine Embodiment with Host Kirsten Asher - Ep 1

Kirsten Asher The Art of Being Feminine Podcast


Find out what "Being Feminine" means to me as your host, interviewed by the amazing Kathryn Rogers. We talk about how movement helped me work through emotions in my youth, the new face of leadership, women empowerment, how you can become more embodied through the way you move, breathe and think. Revolutionizing what it means to "be" feminine and the word "feminist". 


{01:43} What is Feminine Embodiment Method? 

{03:27} How movement and dance became a large part of allowing Kirsten to feel and release emotions in a healthy way 

{06:50} How connecting with your feminine qualities and how that helps leaders create and build a team

{07:48} What does independence mean as an “embodied woman”

{14:00} How people can be more embodied on a daily basis

{16:30} Connecting to your presence and confidence where you can navigate what you want and need in career, relationships and self

{22:27} FEMethod daily practices and what you can do to start your journey

{30:07} Breaking through established ways of thinking, taking off the man mask and leading a movement into acceptance and excitement around being feminine

{34:00} What is looks like to support women and revolutionize what it means to be “feminist”