Spiritual Nutritionist, Amy Pamensky - Ep 2

Amy Pamensky Ep 2 The Art of Being Feminine.png


Amy Pamensky of Spiritual Nutritionist shares with us the masculine and feminine of nutrition, health issues stemming from operating her business in a very masculine way, polarity in relationships and her philosophy of the mind, body, nutrition connection.


{01:49} When and how Amy’s journey began

{06:30} Emotional stressors and addressing what those are

{08:42} How her masculine thoughts showed up and how she was able to align

{13:42} Letting go of what’s NOT working and bringing in what DOES work

{16:26} How the masculine and feminine come up in different parts of her life - attachment, allowing and trust

{23:35} Polarity in relationships 

{26:24} Amy’s philosophy with the mind, body, nutrition connection 

{29:27} Food mood connection and practical tips

{31:05} Mood food concept and what you can do for it