What Makes You Feel Feminine?

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What makes you feel sensual? 
Is it the way your body feels? 
Is it the way your hair falls around your shoulders?

Is it the way you take a deep breath while leaning against the wall taking in the room, the space or the people? 
Is it the way you coyly smile at someone, the eye contact, the electricity that flows through you? 
Is it the way you love unconditionally? 
The way you feel as you dance around of your favorite dress? 
The way your favorite treat sends your tastebuds into a frenzy? 
Or when your favorite song comes on unexpectedly. 
Do you give yourself the chance to feel all your senses? 
You are in charge of the way you feel. You are the powerful feminine woman who demands respect with grace and love. You can have it all - it’s starts first with you. 
Your Embodiment is important. You are important. 
And if you don’t feel that yet, that’s okay. I’ve got you and invite you to rediscover your sensuality and embody the woman that you desire to be. All you have to do is reach out and ask for what you need. 

Kirsten AsherComment