The Key To a Woman's Success

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The key to a woman’s success...isn’t how many business deals you make or how many PTA meetings you attend. It’s not how many friends you have or likes on a post. 
It isn’t the money you have in the bank or a salary attached to your worth. 
It’s not your kids, your significant other or the projection of your “perfect” life. (By the way, we all fall into that). The key to YOUR success is knowing who the hell you are without any of that. It’s about being your own person with YOUR own needs. 
You can have the most money in the world, a happy relationship and great kids, but if you’re not fully IN your body and self a part of you will always be hiding or missing. 
You deserve to have a full and complete YOU. 
There’s a lot out there that tells you you need to do XYZ but the missing part is the HOW. 
You want to feel better? 
You want to know yourself? 
You want to have everything? 
You can. You CAN have it all. The missing part is your #Self and #Embodiment

Kirsten AsherComment