Ep 8 Creator of Six Degrees Society, Emily Merrell

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Emily is the brains behind Six Degrees Society a women's networking organization that focuses on taking the guesswork out of networking for women professionals through monthly programming in NYC, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, DC, Boston and Philly. 

She has a unique outlook on the relationship of men and women - definitely want to listen to this one!


{01:05} Analyzing and thinking like a man (sometimes it’s a good thing to not over analyze)

{04:48} Creative Mornings events

{07:29} Putting your phone down and prioritizing the person your with

{10:40} He said she said world - men as allies and working with men

{17:37} Bridging conversations, confusion and support from men

{20:00} Connecting and dating be clear with your feeling and intentions - communicate!

{26:00} Male and female perspectives

{28:03} Ask for clarity with confidence and staying away from being condescending

{33:30} Get to know Emily and Six Degree Society


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