YouTube Influencer, Liz Germain - Ep 5

Liz Germain Ep5 The Art of Being Feminine.png

Liz Germain, Co-Founder of Super Sister Fitness, sits down with me to talk about how the suicide of her friend sparked her path to self discovery, how she gives herself permission to work with her depression and creating a space for a “women helping women” mentality. 

{01:30} Liz’s intro

{07:50} How Liz was able to work through the suicide of her friend

{19:05} Super Sister Fitness as a spring board to support other women and creating a “women helping women” mentality

{22:00} How she creates a confidence mindset with out needing external validation

{25:32} Human emotional hygiene and feeling your emotions especially as a woman

{28:13} Managing transitions (career, life, relationships)

{35:12} Having depression and how Liz was able to move through life and how it looks for her

{40:20} Action steps that Liz took and you can too



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