Money Maven, Nicole Lombardo - Ep 4

Nicole Lombardo Ep 4 The Art of Being Feminine.png

Nicole Lombardo, business coach, shares her experience coming from the mortgage and real estate industry into a money maven where she teaches how to have your money work for you rather than working for your money. In this episode we dive into how you can create a healthy money relationship in 5 simple steps! 


{01:14} Nicole’s story coming from the mortgage and real estate industry

{06:01} Why some of us have think money is “bad” or “lack”

{07:10} As a business woman, what are the steps to be confident and graceful while making a sale, limiting beliefs and self worth

{10:50} If you have a limiting beliefs or your credit is low - steps you can take - magical AND practical

{20:35} Creating a relationship with money

{29:59} Being in the receiving feminine with your money

{31:58} How a light bulb moment flipped the way she was operating in life and business 

{34:40} Practicing what you preach

{36:32} The “how” of getting into Nicole’s feminine


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