Chief Visionary of Vivacious Dish, Kathryn Rogers - Ep 6

Kathryn Rogers Ep 6  the Art of Being Feminine.png

Kathryn Rogers, founder and chief visionary of Vivacious Dish, has dedicated her life to discovering the best that nature has to offer and sharing it around tables worldwide. She works with food as medicine and holds space for positive transformation – in our bodies, our communities and for Mother Earth. She specializes in creating decadent desserts from whole ingredients to nourish the body and to elevate consciousness through powerful acts of intentional indulgence and delicious self-love. 

{02:00} Intro to Kathryn and Burning Man

{04:00} Having open conversations with men being in their masculine and relating to women

{05:50} When embodied in her feminine she feels an openness and integrity

{08:10} Her conversation with the guy at Burning Man and how confusion about women effected him

{10:19} How do you want to show up and what support you need - simple acts of service

{13:13} Having boundaries as a woman

{19:32} Having flexibility with yourself and your boundaries

{26:00} Staying curious in life and focused action

{29:50} Vivacious Dish - food and connection to self

{33:15} Chakra Chocolates!

{40:30} How the Chakra Chocolate are created

{43:20} Orgasmic eating



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