Soulful Publicist, Tanya Khani - Ep 7

The Art of Being Feminine Tanya Khani.png

Spirit Publicist in Health and Wellness, Tanya Khani, shares with us how she was able to connect with herself again through the art of orgasmic healing and what the heck that is. She also shares with us the power of breath and how to activate the energy within you. 


{01:15} Intro to Tanya Khani her disconnection and orgasmic healing

{06:50} Understanding and being open to sexual pleasures 

{08:50} Opening up the channels (and Tanya’s accent shows up)

{12:02} The power of breath work and being open to connecting with your feminine essence

{16:00} What is orgasmic healing? And how we can explore ourselves and what we desire

{18:30} Orgasmic Meditation

{21:40} Men aren’t mind readers - how to work with that in your relationship

{26:55} Looking within to fulfill yourself rather than externally

{29:00} What you can do to activate this energy within you