Hey! I'm kirsten Asher...

The creator and visionary for Feminine Embodiment Method aka FEMethod, my heart and soul. As a dancer for most of my life I've come to realize how important movement, breath and the way you think shapes who we are and can become. In our society right now, we tend to focus elsewhere, become distracted by the intricacies of life and forget to put ourselves first. Now more than ever our energies are shifting into the more masculine side disrupting our unity within ourselves which can have a huge impact on how and why we feel like we're spinning in a hamster wheel. I created FEMethod and The Art of Being Feminine to show women they can be a strong, radiant woman in a male dominated world.

Talking Points

  • The 3 best ways to reduce stress and have more freedom in your daily life

  • The simplest way to stop the downward spiral in your relationships

  • One of the most common mistakes women make and how to avoid it

  • The #1 most powerful and easiest way to leave an impact on a small and large scale

Sample Podcasts


The Realness with Conner Moore

Life's a Dance with Kirsten Asher

In a world that glorifies “hustle” and “grind”, Kirsten helps others “embody” and “flow”. Through dance, she creates a space for women to explore their bodies and take ownership of their feminine freedom with her company FEMethod. On this episode, we explore the dynamics of the masculine and feminine in life, love, and sex.

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Shine on, Sistah! With Jennifer Covington

Incorporate Less Hustle & More Flow with Kirsten Asher of the FEMethod

This week on Shine On, Sistah, guest, Kirsten Asher is on to talk about FEMethod. How Kirsten came to know her own feminine power. How dancing influenced Kirsten in creating the FEMethod. Taboos regarding sexuality and sensuality. The importance of feminine power. Blending the masculine and feminine Chakra healing. Exciting upcoming news in the FEMethod world.

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Prokreate Radio with Colleen Flaherty

Kirsten Asher of FEMethod Interviews Colleen Flaherty

Who is Colleen Flaherty? And why is she hosting this podcast? Kirsten Asher of FEMethod, my very good friend, interviews me for this first episode so that you can learn about me. I’ve spent the last 5 years learning from numerous health experts and fields of study to learn how women can be as healthy, emboldened, educated, and joyful as possible on their journey to motherhood.

Contributor to Huffington Post

See below are a couple of my Huffington Post contributions.

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The Simple 10-80-10 System to Live 100%

Why Stereotypes are the Secret Ingredient