Welcome to my movement. Dance is all around us and its up to us to play with what we’re given and find enjoyment in the unknown. All of my videos are inspired movement, dancing with the music rather than “to” the music. Allowing my body to feel into what it wants to do and how it wants to move.

None are choreographed. This is just feeling and moving just like the dance of life.

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Artist: Clozee

Song: Harmony

Album: Harmony

Artist: Ariana Grande

Song: Dangerous Woman

Album: Dangerous Woman

This was shot twice - no choreography, just the playfulness between two people dancing WITH the music, reading each others body, energy and impulses. Going with the flow, messing up, and just being okay with is what is created.

Just like life.

Artist: Clozee

Song: Spiral

Album: Evasion