/ˈhəntrəs/ noun

A women who boldly pursues her desires in the face of adversity, and stands true in her deepest convictions.





An intimate group of persons with a unifying common interest or purpose.

A place for women entrepreneurs to co-work and connect with women who “get” them and are on a similar journey where we can support each other's efforts, develop ideas and promote each other. We mastermind, learn from experts, and complete projects with a dash of fun and play.

Coterie is a place where you can connect with other amazing entrepreneurial women, where you can stop “lone wolfing” behind your computer and connect. You’ll expand on the tools learned from the membership workshops and enhance your way of being in the world while creating the impact that you desire. Whether it’s on a family, local, national or global level. We support each other, hold space for the gustation of new ideas and, like a lioness pride, nurture, play and fiercely protect each other and our growth. Coterie is a way of facilitation that encompasses education, masterminds and impact projects where we get our hands dirty shoulder to shoulder.

This is a place where you get to be, create and get your priorities done. A place where you, while immersing yourself in new experiences, open yourself up to new ideas and new ways of being.

As a member of the Coterie you’re able to attend private events and retreats where we mix business with adventure and of course surprises along the way!

A place where you can let go of judgement and insecurities and live the life you have imagined.

This is for you if…

You’re tired of lone wolfing your business, behind your computer with no support or social outlet.

Want to join a growing group of women who are changing the world together through their work.

Want to have your own focus group for you ideas to flourish.

Where you meet in-person and build relationships.

Want to have your own marketing network to receive feedback on your products or service with Joint Venture opportunities.

Want to be inspired and have fun while moving your business forward.

Want to join us on quarterly retreats and monthly soirees.

Want to reconnect with your body and femininity.

Want to feel supported, grounded and feminine while you crush your business goals.

Want to break through the glass ceiling.

If you’re local in San Diego, join our Co-Working MeetUp group here.

Not local? No problem. Let’s discuss starting a local Coterie in your area!