1:1 Mentoring

We all need someone to hear us and hold us accountable

Time and time again I hear women say they haven't felt good in a while or they are overwhelmed and too busy or side tracked to feel good about themselves. 

Well, I'm here to tell you that's bull. It all begins with you and what you're willing to put into yourself. Sensual feminine energy is one of the most powerful energies that can take you from day to day monotony to going for your desires in all parts of your life (health, finances, relationships, career, adventure, family/community and sex).

We are so much more than what we give ourselves credit for. It's time to connect with yourself and achieve what you want from your goals and to reconnect with your body. It's about breaking through established limitations and facing taboos head on. 

What does FEM Mentoring entail?:

  • 50 min Movement and Workout 

  • Breathing/Meditation practices connecting you to your femininity

  • Weekly activities to get your brain and neurotransmitters developing and activating

  • Early access to the FEM membership site and app where we discuss all things feminine - more info to come!

  • (If you're not located in San Diego, CA we will have Skype or FaceTime workouts and calls.) 

Apply and let's see if this is right for you.

Why do you need to apply? Because to truly make a transformation in your life you have to be willing to commit whether it's reframing or making huge life changes. Without commitment there is no reward and no movement forward. I only invest time and dedication into those who are fully ready to commit and go big. 

Are you ready! Then let's get this party started!

 photo by: Mikel Roberts
 photo: pexels.com

photo: pexels.com