Revolutionizing what it means to be feminine

Reconnect with your body, reframe your mindset and live like an empowered woman

FEM: Rejuvenation Series

FEMethod Rejuvenation Series is designed to open up your creativity and ignite your feminine, sensual energy. Through a unique and holistic approach of dance, movement, intention and other breakthrough exercises you’ll gain clarity and become more empowered in each of the 9 Principles of Life including Career, Health, Relationships, Beliefs, Femininity, Adventure, Community, Family and Finances.

There are things in life we must do and there are things in life we choose to do

So often, especially in these times, women are stepping into their masculine energy and staying there. With career, finances and family at the forefront women are taking on the more assertive, independent and aggressive role. We all have both masculine and feminine energy, regardless of gender for example - Masculine energy helps us stay on task, accomplishment-oriented, it is the doing action energy. This energy serves us in the work place. Feminine energy is the being, receiving, in-flow creative energy. This energy serves our creativity and navigating easily through life. It's great to flow in and out of your masculinity and when you "live" there things tend to become very linear and you disconnect from your feminine energy and ultimately, your alignment

When a woman disconnects from her feminine energy an imbalance can occur which manifests in her physical body such as fatigue, worry, anxiety, lack of sex drive, irritability, weight gain, depression and unexplained aches and pains. 

When you allow yourself to move freely through your body you can unlock pent up emotion, you can unlock the stress, you can unlock the feeling of drowning under life - and start feeling happy again!

What if you could:

  • Have more focus

  • Feel better about your body

  • Connect with your creativity

  • Less negative mind chatter

  • Feel sexy again and comfortable in your body

  • Break up the monotony in life

  • Catch the eye of your partner again

  • Lead your office or family in the direction of prosperity

  • Have more energy for what you enjoy

  • Create more harmony using the 9 Principles

  • And, do things you never thought possible

When you connect with your feminine energy you connect with yourself again.

It's possible even if you have a family or job, it's possible even if you are still working on your goals. In fact, you will be able to attain your goals faster because your mindset will shift.  

You'll be able to feel like YOU again. Go from "have" to "get". You'll be able to free your mind from limiting beliefs. You'll get out of your head and back into your body.

FEMethod meets you where you are and shows you how to freely flow in and out of the feminine and masculine while still staying connected to yourself. 

Starting with movement, we unlock and awaken your primal feminine energy so you can tap into your creativity, your femininity and your power. You'll get get out of your head and back into your body. Using Dance as the foundation we flow in a series of movement working your core, legs, arms and back to help you feel the music and your body to connect with your sensual authentic self. 

As your energy becomes unlock we'll work on Mindset. Through various breakthrough exercises, you'll be able to see and transform what you need to push past, discover and shift your thinking from "lack or negative chatter" to "action taker" and "bright side thinking". 

Through integrative processes and using the 9 Principles of Life, you will see where you need to adjust focus to keep your Principles in Harmony. You will envision, anchor and commit to your big possibilities and future self in a way that you can welcome in the ever changing world, flow with it and not against it.

Finally, we step into Taboos and find comfort in being uncomfortable. Sometimes we live in a very safe zone and don't color outside the lines, however when you give yourself the freedom to explore and not hold back, you can discover another awesome side of yourself. You can learn to really love yourself fully. Think of all the possibilities when you have confidence in yourself - it's endless. 

We want to live life in abundance and when you push past your natural limitations you do things you never thought were possible and you grow exponentially. 

One of the most amazing things was to be in a place where someone tells you to feel who you are, feel what you’re doing, feel those body expressions, feel everything of what’s happening within. Kirsten is so free and you can literally feel that from her.
— M. Holmes

FEMethod gives you the opportunity to widen your peripherals and see what lies beyond the lines. To learn more about yourself, to know what you want, to be able to lead as a strong beautiful women and to finally breakthrough established limitations. 

It's all possible. It's just a matter of making it happen for you - because frankly my dear, I give a damn and so should you

Are you ready to step forward, take back your life and make it what you really want and know is possible deep down inside? Are you ready to have more compassion more patience for yourself and others and ability to make clearer decisions? Are you ready to be in harmony with your life?


Join me as a Founding Member of the FEMethod: Rejuvenation Series launching October 23rd!!! 

As a Founding Member your feedback and experience will shape the Series into a launching pad that will help and empower women from all walks of life. Together we can set the standard for what is possible and make small changes that have big impacts. 

And because of that, I would like to gift you $200!

Regular 6-Week Series pricing is $497...

Founding Member pricing: $297 (limited to the first 20 women—grab your spot now!)

  • Co-creation of the Rejuvenation Series

  • Lifetime VIP

  • Early access to membership site when launched

  • Early access to services and workshops

  • Discounts on FEMethod workshops and retreats

  • Founding Member status

I loved it, I felt so free... Kirsten just makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin, there’s no judgment going on. I highly recommend FEM.
— E. Cline

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Dates: Oct 23rd - Dec 9th

*Please Note: We will have a break the week of Thanksgiving and finish the series the following week.

What You'll Get...

  • (12) 20-minute easy to follow, fun and body connecting workouts using the unique FEMethod movement flow and creating a whole body workout. Each workout is yours to keep. 
  • Daily transformational exercises based on the 9 Principles of Life helping you create balance and focus in all key areas of life.
  • (12) Playlist to inspire you to get out of your head and into your body by feeling through the music. 
  • (6) Mentoring calls to answer questions, talk about what's coming up and keep you moving forward in a positive and excited way!
  • Meditations that help you recenter and be the powerful feminine leader you are.
  •  1 Choreographed dance that you can use to connect with your sensual energy anytime you want or need it. 

With this series you will...

  • Transform the way you feel about your body
  • Unlock blocked energy in your core and chakras 
  • Connect with your femininity 
  • Be in harmony with your feminine and masculine
  • Dig deeper with yourself to create a balance in life that works for you
  • Feel energized and even more proud to be a woman
  • Reframe your mindset and create habits that stick
  • Be able to recognize negative mind chatter and shift thinking
  • Enhance your relationship with others and yourself
  • Enhance your focus
  • Feel sexy again in your own skin and proud of it
  • Test your limits physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Deal with your taboos and learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and growing in ways you didn't think were possible
  • Connect with your creativity
  • Finally begin to have balance in your life
  • Last and not least, be able to appreciate the small things again that make your heart smile 

What you need to know...

  • Leave 30-35 minutes per morning for dance flow and thought provoking exercises

  • Every body is different and these movements might be foreign to you so give yourself time to familiarize yourself to the movement


  • Dance flow will be delivered via email every Monday and Wednesday by 6am PST

  • Tuesday and Thursday you have the option to choose which flow you'd like to do and Transformational exercises will be delivered via email by 6am PST

  • Friday the FEM choreography will be delivered by 6am PST

  • (1) Weekly 1:1 call with Kirsten

  • *** Feel free to fit M-F in your own personal schedule***

Who this is for...

  • Women who are sick of feeling stuck in a masculine world

  • Women who want to feel like themselves again

  • Women who want to connect with their creativity 

  • Women who want to find harmony in their life

  • Women who want to feel good in their body

  • Women who want to transform what it means to be feminine

  • Women who are ready to make a lasting change in their life 

  • Women who wont give up

  • Women who will be supportive to the other women in the series

  • Women who want to be a catalyst for other women to rise up and be as powerful, present and influential as we know we can be

This isn't just another class, this is a movement...

Are you in?


There are only 20 spots!

This is highly curated and spots are extremely limited. Secure your spot and change your life as the empowered woman you are!