Our 5th Element

What if we were our own 5th element? I know, it's a little obscure, but stick with me.

If you haven't seen the movie, 5th Element directed by Luc Besson, the most important thing you need to know is there are four stones containing the energies of earth, wind, water and fire. You also have Leeloo who embodies the supreme being of all the elements as well as the "divine light capable of defeating evil." Of course, there is a bad guy and a slew of action scenes to fully accentuate the storyline, however, I'd like to focus on the elements.

So let's dig in - Depending on where you begin you will get an array of basic or classic elements (i.e wood, metal, fire, water, earth or water, earth, air fire and aether or sometimes the 5th element is considered "void").

Let's just keep it super basic right now. Take the 4 elements from the film - earth, wind, fire and water you have the elements of Earth. Now think about the 5th element - the supreme being. What if that being is really us. In all our glory, the missteps and humanistic behavior. The good, the bad and the awesome. 

Why does there have to be a perfect being to complete the elemental puzzle. And better yet, what if we are our own 5th element? We are our own supreme being and within that, we hold the utmost authority for us and only us. We are able to create our own happiness, we are able to move past difficult situations and we can even create life. We can take on new abilities, speak languages, learn to use our body physically and energetically, we can even decipher good from evil. 

Doesn't that sound pretty supreme to you?

This notion of thinking that we are less of a human being because we are flawed is in itself a flawed theory. If you look at religion (granted I'm not a religious person) they say that we are either born a sinner or we become a sinner at a certain age and every day we have to pray to be cleansed and ask for forgiveness. But isn't sinning being a human? There's no rule book to life so how are we supposed to know we sinned unless we take the trial by error approach or learn from outside sources that something is wrong or right. 

And then you come to the next thought - perfection.

1 - perfection is boring,

2 - no one in their right mind is perfect. 

Yes. I am flawed and better for it. We are all flawed, there is no way to get around it. However, in my opinion, we are still a supreme being of our individual creative self. Through self-expression we find ourselves in a world where we make some rules, we follow others and we experience moments with other supreme beings. 

A supreme being is perfect in all that is them, flawed and all. Whether female or male. 

What about looking at ourselves as a supreme being 5 years, 10 years or even 50 years out. Who are you then? What have you accomplished? Where are you? That is the person who has gone through the ups and downs - of course as you go through your journey that supreme version of you will ultimately change and morph into new goals, new ways of thinking - but it’s that image that will help you continue down a path of bettering you. Bettering your career goals, bettering your financial growth, bettering your relationships, your person, your outlook on life.

Remember perfection isn’t “being” perfect in all that you do, see and hear, it’s about what is perfectly imperfect for you. Where is that point of being uncomfortable - become comfortable with that. When we play it safe you move at a snail's pace, but when you reach out to those opportunities or experiences and really put yourself out there you move at lightening speed. 

Strive for more. If we think of ourselves as our own supreme being we strive to continue to better ourselves and never settle because we know there is a better version of us that is slightly out of reach which makes us work harder. This makes us continue to grow ourselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. To always be willing to learn and strive for knowledge but to also give yourself the time to sit with who you are and where you are and be okay with that. 

Believing there is a greater source whether it's an entity or energy or whatever faith you believe in is amazing. But to think that just because we walk the earth we sin and therefore have to ask for forgiveness doesn't make sense. How about creating greatness where ever you go. Giving compassion. Giving yourself a break once in a while.

Be willing to go the distance and also be what the Taoists call “the uncarved block”. There is a balance that I believe needs to be struck between the two. To reach past our own limitations and strive for more while also being okay with where we are in that moment and not putting so much pressure on not being 5 steps ahead of everyone else. 

You are human and you are supreme.