We Have The Ability To Give 100% So Why Don't We?

Live your dash now - capacity

I'm curious... Take a step back and look at your life as a whole - the WHOLE shebang from childhood to high school to adulthood. Have you really put your all into getting what you want or getting somewhere? Did you apply yourself fully to achieve your goal? Did you operate at your full capacity or do just enough to get by? What are your thoughts? 

When I did this I realized that I wasn't operating at 100% of anything. I was, especially in childhood and as a teenager, just "getting by" and not actually applying myself. And even more so in adulthood, I've come to find out that I'm barely operating at 75% consistently. Of course, there are those times that I really give it my all like a 200-meter dash but then fall carelessly back into hanging around at 75%. Maybe it's not possible to always be 100% operational all the time, but what if we spent more time in that realm?

What could we accomplish and how different could our possibilities become? 

As a general population, we put so much emphasis on being the best and striving to be better, comparing ourselves and fearing failure - yet when push comes to shove we expect to get more out of our 75% or 65% rather than actually giving it our all. OR we give it our all for a very short amount of time then give up when what we wanted doesn't happen exactly how we imagined or it's taking a longer to reach our goal than we gave ourselves. 

But what if you put it into perspective from the beginning, meaning you give yourself the proper amount of time to achieve that goal and prepare to put in 100% of your operational power as a human being. 

It's like wanting to finish a race that requires you to run a mile but thinking you can get there by training as a sprinter. 

We put so much pressure on ourselves yet don't use enough of our tools to get there. So why put so much pressure on? Does that make any sense? 

What I'm getting at and what has taken me time to realize (oddly enough) is that this whole time I've been putting so much pressure on myself to achieve certain goals without the right tools or welcoming the right tools into my life. That coupled with only operating at 75% capacity has held me back in so many ways. But now that I am realizing my own potential and that I have a whole other 25% to work with is incredibly exciting and scary at the same time. Realizing what many people see in me as a person has taken this long, but I am ready to accept my awesomeness and explore this potential, this new awakening power that I didn't know I had. I just thought it was others being nice or complementary, but in reality, it's a gift or super power. I'm not saying this out of ego as we all have something inside us that we either are holding back (consciously) or don't realize is there (unconsciously). 

It takes a special moment to find this or understand that you have something extraordinary and when you do you begin to open up to experiences and new ways of thought. You begin to understand your inner workings, why people see you in a certain way, why you react the way you do or why you tend to go down the road less traveled. It's different for everyone yet so powerful it takes a quiet mind and years to discover. Then when you do it becomes a beautiful thing that needs your care and delicacy to fully understand and unravel. Which is why, for me, it can be an intimidating phenomenon. But what a cool thing to get to know about yourself and embrace. 

So do yourself a favor and look within your awesomeness to discover what's hidden then as it unravels before you treat it with respect and love and when you come to grasp the enormity of whatever it is prepare to give 100% and you'll do exceptional. 

With love and coffee,