Our 5th Element

What if we were our own 5th element?

Take the 4 elements from the film - earth, wind, fire and water you have the elements of Earth. Now think about the 5th element - the supreme being. What if that being is really us. In all our glory, the missteps and humanistic behavior. The good, the bad and the awesome. 

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Complete or Whole?

I recently had a conversation with an intriguing and thought-provoking person who mentioned that they were looking for someone to love and to share life with, but who was already "complete".

As our conversation ended I started thinking about this word he used, "complete". It got me thinking even more about where I have been and my own path. It took a bit but I came to the conclusion:

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Kirsten AsherComment
Dear Lorrie M, (name changed to protect identity)

You wrote to me on Instagram seeking advice for something that every teenage girl fights her way through, but when I looked at your feed my chest tightened and I remembered being a teenager again. 

In one of your posts it read: "Slit your wrists and cut your thighs. Fake a smile and dry your eyes. Hate yourself and hate your life. Welcome to my world of lies." among others that are concerning. 

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We Have The Ability To Give 100% So Why Don't We?

As a general population, we put so much emphasis on being the best and striving to be better, comparing ourselves and fearing failure - yet when push comes to shove we expect to get more out of our 75% or 65% rather than actually giving it our all. OR we give it our all for a very short amount of time then give up when what we wanted doesn't happen exactly how we imagined or it's taking a longer to reach our goal than we gave ourselves. 

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10-80-10 Your Way To 100% Awesomeness

From childhood to adulthood, we’re bombarded with encouraging sentiments like “follow the road less traveled” and “dream big” right alongside dream killers like “don’t quit your stable job” and “it’s really difficult to be successful in that industry.” Not surprisingly, many of us feel torn by these opposing messages.

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